PFI Standard , پکیج کامل استاندارد

دانلود مجموعه استاندارد PFI
(استاندارد پایپینگ کارگاهی)

PFI : Pipe Fabrication Institute 

لیست آیتم های این مجموعه:

PFI ES-1-1992 Internal Machining and Solid Machined Backing Rings for Circumferential Butt Welds
PFI ES-2-1992 (R2000) Method of Dimensioning Piping Assemblies
PFI ES-3-2009 Fabricating Tolerances
PFI ES-4-1985 (R1997) Hydrostatic Testing of Fabricated Piping
PFI ES-5-1993 Cleaning of Fabricated Piping
PFI ES-7-1994 Minimum Length and Spacing for Welded Nozzles
PFI ES-7-R2002 Minimum Length and Spacing for Welded Nozzles
PFI ES-11-1975 (R1990) Permanent Marking on Piping Materials
PFI ES-16-1985 (R1988) Access Holes, Bosses and Plugs for Radiographic Inspection of Pipe Welds
PFI ES-20-1997 Wall Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonic Examination
PFI ES-21-1992 Internal Machining and Fit-up of GTAW Root Pass Circumferential Butt Welds
PFI ES-22-1995 Recommended Practice For Color Coding of Piping Materials
PFI ES-24-2001 Pipe Bending Methods, Tolerances, Process and Material Requirements
PFI ES-25-1993 Random Radiography Of Pressure Retaining Girth Butt Welds
PFI ES-26-1993 Welded Load Bearing Attachments To Pressure Retaining Piping Materials
PFI ES-27-1994  : Visual Examination_ The Purpose, Meaning and Limitation of The Term
PFI ES-29-1993 Internal Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Ferritic Piping
PFI ES-30-1986 (R1991) Random Ultrasonic Examination of Butt Welds
PFI ES-31-1992 Standard For Protection of Ends of Fabricated Piping Assemblies
PFI ES-32-1993 Tool Calibration
PFI ES-34-1992 (R1995) Painting of Fabricated Piping
PFI ES-35-1993 Nonsymmetrical Bevels and Joint Configurations for Butt Welds
PFI ES-36-1995 Branch Reinforcement Work Sheets
PFI ES-37-1997 Standard for Loading and Shipping of Piping Assemblies
PFI ES-39-1994 (R1997) Fabricated Tolerances for Grooved Piping Systems
PFI ES-40-1994 (R1997) Method of Dimensioning Grooved Piping Assemblies
PFI ES-41-1995 Standard for Material Control and Traceability of Piping Components
PFI ES-42-1996 Standard for Positive Material Identification of Piping Components Using Portable X-Ray Emission Type Equipment
PFI ES-44-1997 Drafting Practices Standard
PFI ES-48 2008 :Random Examinations

PFI TB-1-1994 (R1996) Pressure-Temperature Ratings of Seamless Pipe Used in Power Plant Piping Systems
PFI TB-3-1993 Guidelines Clarifying Relationships and Design Engineering Responsibilities Between Purchasers’ Engineering and Pipe Fabricator or Pipe Fabricator Erector

PFI TB-5-1999 Minimum Information for the bidding of Pipe Fabrication
PFI TB-7-2000 Guidelines for Fabrication & Installation of Stainless Steel High Purity Distribution Systems
PFI TB-8-2001 Recommended Practice for the Fabrication of Poly-vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Piping

دانلود همه استانداردهای PFI

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