ISO 4949 , علائم اختصاری انواع فولاد

ISO/TS 4949 : Steel names based on letter symbols

دانلود استاندارد ISO 4949 : استاندارد بین المللی اسامی انواع فولاد بر اساس علائم اختصاری جهانی

فهرست استاندارد:

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Principles
4.1 A unique steel name
4.2 Formulation of steel names
4.3 Allocation of steel names
5 Reference to product standards
6 Classification of steel names
7 Structure of steel names
7.1 Initial symbol for steel castings
7.2 Steels designated according to their application and mechanical or physical properties (group 1)
7.3 Steels designated according to chemical composition (group 2)
7.3.1 Non-alloy steels (except free-cutting steels) with an average manganese content < 1 % (sub-group 2.1)
7.3.2 Non-alloy steels with an average manganese content ≥ 1 %, non-alloy free-cutting steels and alloy steels (except high speed steels) where the average content, by mass, of every alloying element is < 5 % (sub-group 2.2)
7.3.3 Alloy steels (except high speed steels) where the average content by mass of at least one alloying element is ≥ 5 % (sub-group 2.3)
7.3.4 High speed steel (sub-group 2.4)
8 Additional symbols
Annex A (normative) Additional symbols indicating special requirements
Annex B (normative) Additional symbols indicating type of coating
Annex C (normative) Additional symbols indicating treatment condition

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