IEC 60943 , دمای مجاز پایانه های الکترونیک

IEC TR 60943  —Guidance concerning the permissible temperature rise for parts of electrical equipment, in particular for terminals

دانلود آخرین ویرایش استاندارد IEC 60943 (راهنمایی برای محدوده افزایش مجاز دمای قطعات الکتریکال و پایانه های الکترونیک)

فهرست استاندارد IEC 60943 :

Section 1: General
1 General.
1.1 Scope and object
1.2 Reference documents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Symbols
Section 2: Theory
2 General considerations concerning the nature of electric contact and the calculation and measurement of the ohmic resistance of contacts
2.1 Electric contacts and connection terminals
2.2 Nature of electric contact
2.3 Calculation of contact resistance
3 Ageing mechanisms of contacts and connection terminals
3.1 General
3.2 Contacts of dissimilar metals
3.3 Oxidation ageing mechanisms
3.4 Results concerning ageing of copper contacts
3.5 Usage and precautions to be taken in the use of contact materials
4 Calculation of temperature rise of conductors, contacts and connection terminals
4.1 Symbolic representations
4.2 Temperature rise ΔTs of a conductor with respect to the temperature Te of the surrounding medium
4.3 Temperature rise ΔTo o in the vicinity of the contact: temperature rise of connection terminals
4.4 Temperature rise of the elementary contact points
Section 3: Application
5 Permissible temperature and temperature rise values
5.1 Ambient air temperature Θa
5.2 Temperature and temperature rise of various equipment components
5.3 Temperature and temperature rise of conductors connecting electrical equipment
5.4 Temperature and temperature rise of connection terminals for electrical equipment – Influence on connected conductors
6 General procedure to be followed for determining permissible temperature and temperature rise
6.1 Basic parameters
6.2 Method to be followed for determining maximum permissible temperature and temperature rise
Annex A Numerical examples of the application of the theory and other data
Annex B Physical characteristics of selected metals and alloys
Annex C Physical characteristics of fluid dielectrics
Annex D nformation on the reaction of contact metals with substances in the atmosphere
Annex E Temperature rise of a conductor cooled by radiation and convection in the vicinity of a terminal.
Annex F List of symbols used in this report
Annex G Bibliography
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