EEMUA P-03 , استانداردهای بازرسی تجهیز

Inspection and Integrity Management

دانلود پکیج استانداردهای EEMUA , برای بازرسی و مدیریت بازرسی و کیفیت تجهیزات مکانیکال
(مجموعه استانداردهای پکیج بازرسی استاندارد EEMUA)

لیست استانداردهای این مجموعه:

  1. EEMUA 148 — 1986 RELIABILITY SPEC1 FICATIO N Model clauses for inclusion in purchasing specifications for equipment items and packages
  2. EEMUA 149 — 1997 Code of Practice for the identification and checking of materials of construction in pressure systems in process plants
  3. EEMUA 155 — 1998 Test for Gas detectors
  4. EEMUA 159 — 2014 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair
  5. EEMUA 161 — 2014 Silencers and acoustic enclosures: Guide to selection and assessment
  6. EEMUA 181 — 1995 A guide to risk based assessments of in-situ large Ex ‘e’ and Ex ‘N’ machines
  7. EEMUA 193 — 1999 Managing competence assurance for personnel undertaking in-service inspection of pressure equipment
  8. EEMUA 206 — 2015 Risk Based Inspection – a guide to effective use of the RBI process
  9. EEMUA 231 –2012 The mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances – a guide to periodic examination and testing
  10. EEMUA 232 — 2016 Specifying, procuring and managing third party inspection services
  11. EEMUA 240 –2019 Factors to consider when managing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack on petroleum and chemical
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