CSA W59 , استاندارد جوشکاری در استراکچر فولادی

CSA W59 : Welded steel construction

دانلود استاندارد CSA W59 (استاندارد ملی کانادا ، برای الزامات جوش و جوشکاری سازه های فلزی و استراکچر فولادی)

فهرست استاندارد:

1 Scope
2 Reference publications and definitions
3 General requirements
4 Design of welded connections
5 Electrodes, workmanship, and technique
6 Stud welding
7 Welding inspection
8 Radiographic and ultrasonic examination of welds
9 Strengthening and repair of existing structures
10 Details and welding procedure requirements for prequalified joints
11 Statically-loaded structures — Design and construction
12 Cyclically-loaded structures — Design and construction

Annex A (informative) — Typical prequalified partial joint penetration groove welded joints with SMAW, FCAW, MCAW, and GMAW
Annex B (informative) — Plug and slot welds
Annex C (informative) — Prevention of cracks
Annex D (informative) — Welding symbols
Annex E (informative) — Welding definitions
Annex F (informative) — Geometric unsharpness and suggested report forms for examination of welds
Annex G (informative) — Example of weld quality requirements
Annex H (normative) — Material requirements for studs and stud base qualification requirements
Annex I (informative) — Flatness of girder webs — Clause 11
Annex J (informative) — Flatness of girder webs — Clause 12
Annex K (informative) — Arc spot welds
Annex L (informative) — Hollow structural section (HSS) connections
Annex M (informative) — Strength of welds
Annex N (informative) — Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
Annex P (informative) — Guideline and commentary on alternative methods for determining preheat
Annex Q (informative) — Lamellar tearing
Annex R (informative) — The fatigue life of structures and postweld methods of fatigue life enhancement
Annex S (informative) — Allowable Stress Design
Annex T (informative) — Description and intended use of electrodes for gas metal arc welding
Annex U (normative) — Welding of fixed steel offshore structures
Annex V (informative) — Electrode classification cross-reference
Annex W (informative) — SFRS Seismic welding provisions
Annex X (normative) — Ultrasonic examinations of groove welds using time-corrected gain technique with conventional angle beam or manual phased array ultrasonic testing

مشخصات فایل

دانلود استاندارد CSA W59-18


  • فرمت فایل: pdf
  • زبان نگارش: انگلیسی
  • آخرین ویرایش: 2018
  • تعداد صفحات: 550
  • کلیدواژه : استاندارد CSA + استانداردهای جوشکاری + جوشکاری استراکچر + اسکلت فلزی


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