CSA S16 , استاندارد طراحی استراکچر فولادی

CSA S16 : Design of steel structures

دانلود آخرین ویرایش استاندارد CSA S16
(استاندارد ملی کانادا ، برای الزامات طراحی اسکلت فلزی، استراکچر و سازه های فولادی سیویل)

مهمترین سرفصل های استاندارد S16 عبارتند از:

1 Scope and application
2 Reference publications
3 Definitions and symbols
4 Structural documents
5 Material — Standards and identification
6 Design requirements
7 Factored loads and safety criterion
8 Analysis of structure
9 Stability of structures and members
10 Design lengths and slenderness ratios
11 Width (or diameter)-to-thickness — Elements in compression
12 Gross and net areas
13 Member and connection resistance
14 Beams and girders
15 Trusses
16 Open-web steel joists
17 Composite beams, trusses, and joists
18 Composite columns
19 Built-up members
20 Plate walls
21 Connections
22 Design and detailing of bolted connections
23 Installation and inspection of bolted joints
24 Welding
25 Column bases and anchor rods
26 Fatigue
27 Seismic design
28 Shop and field fabrication and coating
29 Installation of Structure
30 Inspection


Annex A (informative) — Standard practice for structural steel
Annex B (informative) — Margins of safety
Annex C (normative) — Crane-supporting structures
Annex D (informative) — Recommended maximum values for deflections for specified design
Annex E (informative) — Floor vibrations
Annex F (informative) — Effective lengths of columns
Annex G (informative) — Criteria for estimating effective column lengths in continuous frames
Annex H (informative) — Deflections of composite beams, joists, and trusses due to shrinkage of concrete
Annex I (informative) — Arbitration procedure for pretensioning connections
Annex J (normative) — Qualification testing provisions for seismic moment connections and buckl ing restrained braces
Annex K (normative) — Structural design for fire conditions
Annex L (informative) — Design to prevent brittle fracture
Annex M (informative) — Seismic design of industrial steel structures

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