CSA B51 , کدهای بویلر و مخازن تحت فشار

CSA B51 : Boiler, pressure vessel, and pressure piping code

دانلود استاندارد CSA B51 ، آخرین ویرایشهای فعال (کدها و استانداردهای بویلر، مخازن تحت فشار و لوله کشی تحت فشار)

فهرست استاندارد CSA B51 :

B51-19, Part 1  : General requirements for boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping

2Reference publications
4General requirements
4.1 Registration of designs
4.2 Registration of fittings
4.3 Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs)
4.4 Registration of welding and brazing procedures
4.5 Welding and brazing qualifications
4.6 Submission of manufacturer’s data report
4.7 In-service repairs and alterations
4.8 Fabrication inspection
4.9 Quality control program
4.10 Quality program implementation
4.10.1 Holders of ASME certificates of authorization
4.10.2 Non-holders of ASME certificates of authorization
4.11 Non-destructive examination
4.12 Water tanks
4.13 Requalification of vessels in liquefied petroleum gas service
4.14 High-pressure cylinders for compressed natural gas and hydrogen and compressed natural gas and hydrogen refuelling station pressure piping systems and containers
4.15 Piping
5 Identification
6 Boilers and related components
6.1 General
6.2 Boilers of riveted construction
6.3 Supplementary construction and installation requirements
6.3.1 Water gauges
6.3.2 Low-water cut-off
6.3.3 Fusible plug
6.3.4 Boiler installation
6.3.5 Boiler inspection openings
6.3.6 Loadings
6.4 Boiler outlet dampers
6.5 Blowoff vessels, systems, and devices
6.6 Thermal fluid heaters and piping
6.7 Cast iron or cast aluminum steam and hot water boilers
6.8 Welded staybolts
7 Pressure vessels
7.1 Applicable codes and standards
7.2 Pressure vessel installation
7.2.1 General
7.2.2 Propane tanks
7.2.3 Other buried pressure vessels
7.3 Pressure vessel inspection openings
7.4 Water heaters and hot water, hydropneumatic, and cushion tanks
7.4.1 Water heaters
7.4.2 Hot water tanks
7.4.3 Hydr-opneumatic tanks
7.4.4 Cushion tanks
7.5 Blow-off vessels
7.5.1 Design requirements
7.5.2 Cleaning and inspection facilities
7.5.3 Inlets and outlet
7.6 Anhydrous ammonia service
7.7 Liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas liquids services
7.7.1 Liquefied petroleum gas service
7.7.2 Natural gas liquids service
7.8 Cold-stretched pressure vessels
8 Piping and fittings
9 Refrigeration equipment
10 Fired-heater pressure coils in petroleum and chemical plant service
11 Repairs and alterations
12 Pressure relief devices
12.1 General
12.2 Design and installation
12.2.1 Design
12.2.2 Installation
12.3 Marking
12.4 Inspection, testing, servicing, and replacement
12.5 Inspection
12.6 In-service testing
12.7 Servicing of reclosing pressure relief devices
12.8 Non-reclosing pressure relief devices
12.9 Thermal expansion relief valves
12.10 Replacement parts
12.11 CSA B149 series propane service pressure relief valves (PRVs)
13 In-service inspection
13.1 General
13.2 Pressure equipment not in service
13.3 Inspection
13.3.1 General
13.3.2 External inspection
13.3.3 Internal inspection
13.3.4 Documentation
13.4 High-energy steam (HES) piping systems
13.4.1 General
13.4.2 Condition assessments

B51-19, Part 2 : High-pressure cylinders for the on-board storage of natural gas and hydrogen as fuels for automotive vehicles

2Reference publications
4Service conditions
5Design approval
6Requirements applicable to all cylinder types
7Type 1 metal cylinders
8Type 2 hoop-wrapped cylinders
9Type 3 fully wrapped cylinders
10Type 4 all-composite cylinders
12Preparation for dispatch
13Quality control
14Test methods

B51-19, Part 3  : Compressed natural gas and hydrogen refuelling station pressure piping systems and ground storage vessels

2Reference publications
4General requirements
5Compressed natural gas and hydrogen refuelling station pressure piping systems
6Compressed natural gas and hydrogen refuelling station ground storage vessels

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