ASME NOG-1 , ساخت جرثقیل سقفی و دروازه ای

ASME NOG-1 : Rules for Construction of Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Multiple Girder)

دانلود آخرین ویرایش استاندارد ASME NOG-1 (الزامات و دستورات ساخت جرثقیل های سقفی و دروازه ای و گانتری)

فهرست استاندارد ASME NOG-1 :

Section 1000 Introduction 
1100 General
Section 2000 Quality Assurance  
2100 Requirements .
Section 3000 Coatings and Finishes .  
3100 Coating Service Levels .
3200 Specific Requirements for Coating Service Levels .
Section 4000 Requirements for Structural Components  
4100 General
4200 Materials and Connections .
4300 Design Criteria .
4400 Component Design .
Section 5000 Mechanical .  
5100 General . .
5200 Materials .
5300 Design and Performance Criteria
5400 Component Design
5500 Miscellaneous
Section 6000 Electrical Components 
6100 General .
6200 Wiring Materials and Methods (Types I, II, and III Cranes)
6300 Performance Specifications (Types I, II, and III Cranes) .
6400 Component Selection (Types I, II, and III Cranes)
6500 Electrical Equipment Testing Requirements (Types I, II, and III Cranes)
Section 7000 Inspection and Testing .  
7100 Tests and Acceptance Criteria
7200 Manufacturing
7300 Receipt and Storage Requirements for Storage Facility and/or Site
7400 Site
7500 Qualification for Permanent Plant Service
7600 Documentation
Section 8000 Packaging, Shipping, Receiving, Storage, and Handling 
8100 General
Section 9000 Planned Engineered Lifts
9100 General
9200 Capacity Limitations
9300 Lift Frequency Limitations
9400 Inspection Frequency
9500 Planned Engineered Lifts for Bridge or Gantry Only
9600 Planned Engineered Lifts for Hoist and Trolley Only
9700 Required Interlocks or Stops
9800 Load Testing Requirements
9900 Crane Wheel Loads
Mandatory Appendices
I Additional Requirements
II Criteria Required for Structural Qualification of an Existing Crane Bridge for Use With an ASME NOG-1 Type I Hoist and Trolley
Nonmandatory Appendices
A Recommended Practices
B Commentary
C NUREG-0554/ASME NOG-1 Conformance Matrix


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