ASME B30.3 , استاندارد تاور کرین ها

ASME B30.3 : Tower Cranes

دانلود استاندارد ASME B30.3 _ استاندارد الزامات فنی و نصب و راه اندازی جرثقیل های تاور کرین

فهرست استاندارد:

Chapter 3-0 Scope, Definitions, References, and Personnel Competence
Section 3-0.1 Scope of B30.3
Section 3-0.2 Definitions
Section 3-0.3 References
Section 3-0.4 Personnel Competence
Chapter 3-1 Erection, Climbing and Dismantling, Characteristics, and Construction
Section 3-1.1 Design Requirements for the Load Bearing Structure
Section 3-1.2 Site Planning
Section 3-1.3 Crane Base Supports
Section 3-1.4 General Erection and Dismantling Requirements
Section 3-1.5 Freestanding Cranes
Section 3-1.6 Climbing Cranes
Section 3-1.7 Preoperation Tests
Section 3-1.8 Altered or Modified Cranes
Section 3-1.9 Documentation
Section 3-1.10 Load Hoist and Luffing Boom Hoist Mechanisms
Section 3-1.11 Hooks
Section 3-1.12 Slewing (Swing) Mechanism
Section 3-1.13 Travel Equipment
Section 3-1.14 Climbing Equipment
Section 3-1.15 Trolleys (Load)
Section 3-1.16 Brakes
Section 3-1.17 Operator Aids
Section 3-1.18 Pendants, Stay Ropes, and Guys
Section 3-1.19 Reeving Accessories
Section 3-1.20 Counterweight and Ballast Blocks
Section 3-1.21 Controls
Section 3-1.22: Electrical Equipment
Section 3-1.23 Operator’s Cabs
Section 3-1.24 General Requirements
Chapter 3-2 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
Section 3-2.1 Inspection
Section 3-2.2 Testing
Section 3-2.3 Maintenance
Section 3-2.4 Rope Inspection, Replacement, and Maintenance
Chapter 3-3 Operation
Section 3-3.1 Qualifications for and Conduct of Operators and Operating Practices
Section 3-3.2 Operating Practices
Section 3-3.3 Signals
Section 3-3.4 Miscellaneous
3- Hammerhead Tower Crane — Fixed-Base, Freestanding Crane
3- Guyed Tower Crane
3- Luffing Boom Tower Crane — Fixed-Base, Freestanding Crane
3- Braced Crane
3- Internal Climbing Crane
3- Travel Base for Freestanding Crane
3-0.2.2-1 Types of Fixed Bases
3-2.4.2-1 Core Failure in Rotation-Resistant Rope
3-3.3.4-1 Standard Hand Signals for Controlling Tower Cranes
3- Flow Chart to Assist in Determination of Applicable Section of Crane Operation Near Electric Power Lines
3- Proximity to Power Lines — Elevation View
3- Proximity to Power Lines — Plan View
3- Typical Voltage
3- Specified Clearance in the Vicinity of Energized Electric Power

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