API 676 , استاندارد پمپ های جابجایی مثبت

API STANDARD 676 : Positive Displacement Pumps—Rotary

دانلود آخرین ویرایش استاندارد API STD 676 (استاندارد پمپ های جابجایی مثبت – الزامات فنی انواع روتاری )

استاندارد API 676 به همراه دو استاندارد API 675 و API 674 از مهمترین استانداردهای پمپ جابجایی مثبت محسوب می گردند که به طور جامع به همه الزامات فنی ساخت و نصب انواع مختلف این دسته از پمپ ها می پردازند.

فهرست استاندارد API 676 :

1 Scope
2 Normative References.
3 Terms and Definitions
4 General
4.1 Unit Responsibility
4.3 Pump Designations
5 Documentation
5.1 Units of Measure
5.2 Statutory Requirements
5.3 Documentation Requirements
6 Basic Design
6.1 General.
6.2 Selection and Rating of Pump Type
6.3 Pressure-containing and Pressure-retaining Parts
6.4 Casing Connections
6.5 Auxiliary Connections
6.6 Flanges
6.7 External Forces and Moments
6.8 Rotating Elements
6.9 Mechanical Shaft Seals
6.10 Bearings and Bearing Housings
6.11 Vibration Limits
6.12 Lubrication
6.13 Materials.
6.14 Nameplates and Rotation Arrows.
7 Accessories
7.1 Drivers
7.2 Couplings and Guards
7.3 Belt Drives
7.4 Baseplates
7.5 Pressure-limiting Valves (PLVs)
7.6 Controls and Instrumentation
7.7 Auxiliary Piping
7.8 Pulsation and Vibration Control Requirements for Multiphase Skids
7.9 Special Tools
8 Inspection, Testing, and Preparation for Shipment.
8.1 General
8.2 Inspection
8.3 Testing
8.4 Preparation for Shipment
9 Vendor’s Data
9.1 General

Annex A (informative) Rotary Pump Datasheets.
Annex B (informative) Factors Affecting Twin Screw Pump Wear Rate and Volumetric Efficiency.
Annex C (informative) Inspector’s Checklist.
Annex D (informative) Contract Documents and Engineering Design Data
Annex E (informative) Rotary Pump Vendor Drawing and Data Requirements (VDDRs)
Annex F (informative) Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) vs Net Positive Inlet Pressure (NPIP)
Annex G (informative) Typical P&D for MPP Pumps


1 Sliding Vane Pump (Vane in Rotor)
2 Single Lobe Pump
3 Three Lobe Pump
4 External Gear Pump
5 Internal Gear Pump.
6 Progressing/Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)
7 Twin Screw Pump (with Timed Gears)
8 Three-screw Pump (with Untimed Gears)
9 Rotary Pump Consolidated Range Chart (Typical Range in SI Units)
10 Rotary Pump Consolidated Range Chart (Typical Range in USC Units)

1 Pump Classification Type Identification
2 Nozzle Loadings
3 Welding Requirements
4 Material Inspection Standards
5 Test Tolerances
C.1 Inspector’s Checklist

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  • فرمت فایل: PDF
  • زبان نگارش: انگلیسی
  • آخرین ویرایش: 2022
  • تعداد صفحات: 101
  • حجم فایل: 2.7 مگابایت
  • کلیدواژه : استاندارد API + استاندارد پمپ + پمپ جابجایی مثبت
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