API 5LD , لوله های استیل با لاینینگ ضد خوردگی

API SPECIFICATION 5LD : CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe

دانلود استاندارد API SPEC 5LD : استاندارد مشخصات لوله های فولادی لاینینگ شده با CRA 

فهرست استاندارد:

1 Scope
2 Normative References
3 Terms, Definitions, and Abbreviations
3.1 Terms and Definitions
3.2 Abbreviations
4 General Information
4.1 Pipe Size
4.2 Information to be Supplied by the Purchaser
5 Manufacturing of Clad and Lined Steel Pipe
5.1 General
5.2 Description of Clad and Lined Steel Pipe
6 Chemical Properties and Tests
6.1 Composition
6.2 Heat Analyses of the CRA Layer
6.3 Product Analyses of Backing Steel, Welds, and CRA
6.4 Recheck Analyses
7 Mechanical Properties and Tests
7.1 Mechanical Properties (Backing Steel)
7.2 Tensile Tests—General
7.3 Testing Frequency
7.4 Longitudinal Tensile Tests
7.5 Transverse Tensile Tests
7.6 Weld Tensile Tests
7.7 Control Tensile Tests
7.8 Retests (Tensile)
7.9 Flattening Tests
7.10 Guided-bend Tests
7.11 Fracture Toughness Tests
7.12 Metallographic Examination
7.13 Hardness Test
8 Special Tests
8.1 Ferrite/Austenite Ratio for Duplex Stainless Steel
8.2 Corrosion Testing
8.3 Tests for CRA Cladding Bond Strength and CRA Liner Tightness
8.4 Residual Magnetism
9 Hydrostatic Tests , Inspection,  Hydrostatic Test
10 Dimensions, Weights, and Lengths
10.1 Dimension and Weights
10.2 Diameter
10.3 Wall Thickness
10.4 Mass
10.5 Length
10.6 Straightness
10.7 Jointers
10.8 Pipe Ends
11 Nondestructive Inspection
11.1 Inspection Methods for Welded Clad Pipe
11.2 Inspection Methods for Seamless Clad Pipe
11.3 Inspection Methods for Lined Pipe
11.4 Thickness of Cladding or Lining
12 Workmanship, Visual Inspection, and Repair of Defects
12.1 Workmanship
12.2 Visual Inspection
12.3 Defects and Dis-bonding
12.4 Surface Treatment
13 Marking
13.1 General
13.3 Pipe Processor Markings
14 Documentation
14.1 Certification
14.2 Electronic Certificate of Compliance
Annex A (informative) API Monogram Program Use of the API Monogram by Licensees
Annex B (normative) Manufacturing Procedure Specification
Annex C (normative) Welding Procedure Qualification Requirements
Annex D (normative) Manufacturing Procedure Qualification Test
Annex E (normative) Jointer Requirements
Annex F (normative) Purchaser Inspection

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