API 19ICD , تجهیزات کنترل جریان حفاری نفت و گاز

API SPECIFICATION 19ICD : Inflow Control Devices


دانلود استاندارد API SPEC 19ICD (استاندارد دستگاه و تجهیزات کنترل جریان در چاه های نفت و گاز)

فهرست استاندارد:

1 Scope
2 Normative References
3 Terms, Definitions, and Abbreviations
3.1 Terms and Definitions
3.2 Abbreviations
4 Functional Specification
4.1 General
4.2 ICD Type Description
4.3 Well Parameters
4.4 Operational Parameters
4.5 Environmental Compatibility.
4.6 Compatibility with Related Well Equipment
4.7 Design Validation Grades
4.8 Quality Levels
5 Technical Specification
5.1 General
5.2 Technical Characteristics
5.3 Design Requirements
5.4 Design Verification
5.5 Design Validation Requirements
6 Supplier/Manufacturing Requirements
6.1 General
6.2 Documentation and Data Control
6.3 Product Identification
6.4 Quality Requirements
Annex A (informative) Reserved for Future Use
Annex B (informative) ICD Joint Components and Screen Attributes
Annex C (normative) Test Article, Test Fixture and Instrumentation Requirements
Annex D (normative) Cavitation Testing
Annex E (normative) Validation Test Requirements—ICD Flow Performance Test
Annex F (normative) Validation Test Requirements—Device Erosion Test
Annex G (normative) Validation Test Requirements—Mud Flow Initiation Test and Sediment Plugging Test
Annex H (normative) Validation Test Requirements—Flow Integrity Test
Annex I (normative) Validation Test Requirements—Static Pressure Test

B.1 Examples of ICD Joint Showing ICD Components
B.2 ICD Joint Dimensions
C.1 Representative Test Article
C.2 Test Fixture Orientation (Cross-Section)
F.1 Producer and Injector Erosion Test Arrangement
F.2 API 19C Roundness Chart
F.3 Example of an Irregular and Angular Particle

1 ICD Type Classification
2 Design Validation Grade for Both Production and Injection
3 Summary of Type 1, 2N, and 2M ICD’s Quality Requirements
C.1 Summary of ICD Element Position and Test Fixture Orientation for Annex Tests
G.1 Targets for Fluid Rheology Measurements
G.2 Composition of Test Fluids at Ambient Temperature (70 °F)

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