API REF-008 , استانداردهای خوردگی و متریال

API Standard Set :
Materials Engineering and Corrosion

دانلود پکیج استانداردهای API برای مهندسی مواد، متریال، خوردگی فلزات و متریال نسور در صنایع نفت و گاز
( مجموعه استانداردهای کمیته فنی SCCM و SCRM )

لیست استانداردها و ویرایشهای مربوطه:

  1. API RP 571 —2020 “Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry
  2. API RP 582 — 2023 “Welding Guidelines for the Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industries
  3. API TR 932-A —2002 “A Study of Corrosion in Hydro-process Reactor Effluent Air Cooler Systems
  4. API RP 932-B —2019 “Design, Materials, Fabrication, Operation, and Inspection Guidelines for Corrosion Control in Hydroprocessing Reactor Effluent Air Cooler (REAC) Systems
  5. API RP 934-A — 2019 “Materials and Fabrication of 2 1/4Cr-1Mo, 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-1/4V, 3Cr- 1Mo, and 3Cr-1Mo-1/4V Steel Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels for High- Temperature, High-Pressure Hydrogen Service (includes Errata 1 dated September 2021)
  6. API TR 934-B — 2022 “Fabrication Considerations for Vanadium-Modified Cr-Mo Steel Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels
  7. API RP 934-C —2019 “Materials and Fabrication of 1 1/4Cr-1/2Mo Steel Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels for High-Pressure Hydrogen Service Operating at or Below 825 °F (440 °C)
  8. API TR 934-D — 2010 “Technical Report on the Materials and Fabrication Issues of 11/4Cr-1/2Mo and 1Cr-1/2Mo Steel Pressure Vessels
  9. API RP 934-E — 2018 Recommended Practice for Materials and Fabrication of 11/4Cr-1/2 Mo Steel Pressure Vessels for Service Above 825 °F (440 °C)
  10. API TR 934-F, Part 1 —2017 “Impact of Hydrogen Embrittlement on Minimum Pressurization Temperature for Thick-Wall Cr-Mo Steel Reactors in High-Pressure H2 Service—Initial Technical Basis for RP 934-F
  11. API TR 934-F, Part 2 — 2017 “Literature Review of Fracture Mechanics-Based Experimental Data for Internal Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking of Vanadium-Modified 2-¼Cr- 1Mo Steel
  12. API TR 934-F, Part 3 — 2017 Subcritical Cracking of Modern 2¼Cr-1Mo-¼V Steel
  13. API TR 934-F, Part 4 — 2018 “The Effects of Hydrogen for Establishing a Minimum Pressurization Temperature (MPT) for Heavy Wall Steel Reactor Vessels
  14. API RP 934-G —2016 “Design, Fabrication, Operational Effects, Inspection, Assessment, and Repair of Coke Drums and Peripheral Components in Delayed Coking Units
  15. API TR 934-H —2022 “Inspection, Assessment, and Repair of Heavy Wall Reactor Vessels in High-Temperature High-Pressure Hydrogen Service
  16. API PUBL 935 — 1999 “Thermal Conductivity Measurement Study of Refractory Cast-ables
  17. API STD 936 —2024 “Refractory Installation Quality Control—Inspection and Testing Monolithic Refractory Linings and Materials
  18. API PUBL 937-A —2005 “Study to Establish Relations for the Relative Strength of API 650 Cone Roof, Roof-to-Shell and Shell-to-Bottom Joints
  19. API PUBL 938-A —1996 “An Experimental Study of Causes and Repair of Cracking of 1¼Cr-1/2 Mo Steel Equipment
  20. API PUBL 938-B —2008 “Use of 9Cr-1Mo-V (Grade 91) Steel in the Oil Refining Industry
  21. API TR 938-C —2015 “Use of Duplex Stainless Steels in the Oil Refining Industry
  22. API PUBL 939-A — 1994 “Research Report on Characterization and Monitoring of Cracking in Wet H2S Service
  23. API PUBL 939-B —2002 “Repair and Remediation Strategies for Equipment Operating in Wet H2S Service
  24. API RP 939-C —2019 “Guidelines for Avoiding Sulfidation (Sulfidic) Corrosion Failures in Oil Refineries
  25. API TR 939-D —2007+A1-2013 “Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel in Fuel-Grade Ethanol: Review, Experience Survey, Field Monitoring, and Laboratory Testing
  26. API BULL 939-E —2013 “Identification, Repair, and Mitigation of Cracking of Steel Equipment in Fuel Ethanol Service
  27. API RP 941 —2016+E1+E2+A1-2020 “Steels for Hydrogen Service at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures in Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  28. API TR 941-A —2008 “The Technical Basis Document for API RP 941
  29. API TR 942-A —2014 “Materials, Fabrication, and Repair Considerations for Hydrogen Reformer Furnace Outlet Pigtails and Manifolds
  30. API TR 942-B —2017 “Material, Fabrication, and Repair Considerations for Austenitic Alloys Subject to Embrittlement and Cracking in High Temperature 565 °C to 760 °C (1050 °F to 1400 °F) Refinery Services
  31. API RP 945 —2022 “Avoiding Environmental Cracking in Amine Units
  32. API PUBL 959 —1982 Characterization Study of Temper Embrittlement of Chromium- Molybdenum Steels
  33. API RP 970 — 2023-SCAN Corrosion Control Document Systems
  34. API STD 975 —2021-SCAN “Refractory Installation Quality Control—Inspection and Testing of Refractory Brick Systems and Materials
  35. API STD 976 —2018 Refractory Installation Quality Control—Inspection and Testing of AES/RCF Fiber Linings and Materials
  36. API TR 978 — 2019 Monolithic Refractories: Manufacture, Properties, and Selection
  37. API TR 979 —2018 Applications of Refractory Lining Materials
  38. API TR 980 — 2018 Monolithic Refractories: Installation and Dry-out
  39. API RP 982 — 2023 Inspection and Assessment of Refractory Linings


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  • زبان نگارش: انگلیسی
  • ویرایشهای فعال تا: 02-2024
  • کمیته فنی: SCCM +  SCRM
  • کلیدواژه: استاندارد API + استاندارد نسوزها + استانداردهای خوردگی API + مکانیسم های تخریب + نفت و گاز و پتروشیمی
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