API EXP-022 , استانداردهای حفاری و استخراج نفت

Drilling and Production Operations

دانلود مجموعه استانداردهای API برای عملیات حفاری و استخراج در چاه های نفت و گاز طبیعی

لیست استانداردهای این پکیج:

  1. API RP 31A— 1997-R2004 Standard Form for Hardcopy Presentation of Downhole Well Log Data
  2. API RP 45 —1998 Recommended Practice for Analysis of Oilfield Waters
  3. API RP 51 —2001-R2013 Onshore Oil and Gas Production Practices for Protection of the Environment
  4. API RP 90-1 —2021 Annular Casing Pressure Management for Offshore Wells (formerly RP 90)
  5. API RP 90-2 —2016 Annular Casing Pressure Management for Onshore Wells
  6. API BULL 92L —2015 Drilling Ahead Safely with Lost Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico
  7. API RP 92M —2017 Managed Pressure Drilling Operations with Surface Back-Pressure
  8. API RP 92P —2019 Managed Pressure Drilling Operations—Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling with a Subsea Blowout Preventer
  9. API RP 92S —2018 Managed Pressure Drilling Operations—Surface Back-Pressure with a Subsea Blowout Preventer
  10. API RP 92U —2008+A1-2015 Underbalanced Drilling Operations
  11. API RP 96 —2013 Deepwater Well Design and Construction
  12. API BULL 97 —2013 Well Construction Interface Document Guidelines
  13. API RP 97L —2020 Onshore Well Construction Interface Document
  14. API RP 98 —2013 Personal Protective Equipment Selection for Oil Spill Responders
  15. API RP 99 —2014 Flash Fire Risk Assessment for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  16. API RP 100-1 —2015-R2020 Hydraulic Fracturing—Well Integrity and Fracture Containment
  17. API RP 100-2 —2015-R2020 Managing Environmental Aspects Associated with Exploration and Production Operations Including Hydraulic Fracturing
  18. API BULL 100-3 —2024+E-2024 Community Engagement Guidelines
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  • زبان نگارش: انگلیسی
  • بررسی آخرین ویرایشهای فعال: 02-2024
  • کمیته فنی: Oilfield Equipment and Materials (CSOEM)
  • حجم دانلود: 30 MB
  • کلیدواژه: استاندارد API + حفاری نفت و گاز + تجهیزات حفاری 
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