API 618 , استاندارد تنظیمات کمپرسورها

ANSI/API STANDARD 618 __ Reciprocating Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services


فهرست استاندارد API STD 618 :

1 Scope
2 Normative References
3 Definitions of Terms
4 General
5 Requirements
6 Basic Design
7 Accessories
8 Inspection and Testing
9 Vendor’s Data

Annex A (informative) Data Sheets.
Annex B (informative) Capacity Rating and Tolerance
Annex C (informative) Piston Rod Runout.
Annex D (informative) Repairs to Gray or Nodular Iron Castings.
Annex E (informative) Purchaser’s Checklist
Annex F (normative) Vendor Drawing and Data Requirements
Annex G (normative) Figures and Schematics
Annex H (informative) Materials for Major Component Parts
Annex I (informative) Distance Piece Vent, Drain and Buffer Systems to Minimize Process Gas Leakage
Annex J (informative) Reciprocating Compressor Nomenclature
Annex K (informative) Inspector’s Checklist .
Annex L (informative)
Annex M (informative) Design Approach Work Process Flowcharts
Annex N (informative) Guideline for Compressor Gas Piping Design and Preparation for an Acoustic Simulation Analysis
Annex O (informative) Guidelines for Sizing Low Pass Acoustic Filters.
Annex P (informative) Piping and Pulsation Suppression Device Shaking Force Guidelines
Annex Q (informative) Compressor Components—Compliance with NACE MR0175


1 Cooling System Conditions
2 Driver Trip Speed
3 Maximum Gauge Pressures for Cylinder Materials.
4 Relief Valve Settings
5 Minimum Alarm and Shutdown Requirements .
6 Design Approach Selection
7 Maximum Severity of Defects in Castings
E-1 Purchaser’s Checklist
H-1 Material Specifications for Reciprocating Compressor Parts
K-1 Inspector’s Checklist
N-1 Compressor Data Required for Acoustic Simulation
P-1 Cylinder Assembly Weights Possibly Requiring Strengthening

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