NACE SC-20 , کنترل خوردگی داخلی

NACE SC-20 : Internal Corrosion Management

دانلود استانداردهای NACE برای کنترل و مدیریت خوردگی داخلی
(پکیج استانداردهای کمیته فنی شماره 20 __ NACE SC 20)

لیست استانداردهای کمیته فنی SC-20 (کمیته خوردگی داخلی NACE) :

در زیر لیست استانداردهای این پکیج که برای دانلود آماده شده است را مشاهده می کنید…

  1. NACE MR0174–2007 Selecting Inhibitors for Use as Sucker-Rod Thread Lubricants
  2. NACE SP0192 –2012 Monitoring Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production with Iron Counts
  3. NACE SP0195 –2007 Corrosion Control of Sucker Rods by Chemical Treatment
  4. NACE SP0273 –2007 Handling and Proper Usage of Inhibited Oilfield Acids
  5. NACE SP0499 –2007 Corrosion Control and Monitoring in Seawater Injection Systems
  6. NACE SP0775– 2023 Preparation, Installation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Corrosion Coupons in Oilfield Operations
  7. NACE TM0173– 2015 Methods for Determining Quality of Subsurface Injection Water Using Membrane Filters
  8. NACE TM0197 –2019 Laboratory Screening Test to Determine the Ability of Scale Inhibitors to Prevent the Precipitation of Barium Sulfate or Strontium Sulfate, or Both, from Solution (for Oil and Gas Production Systems)
  9. NACE TM0374 –2007 Laboratory Screening Tests to Determine the Ability of Scale Inhibitors to Prevent the Precipitation of Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Carbonate from Solution (for Oil and Gas Production Systems)
  10. NACE TM0397 –2018Screening Tests for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gypsum Scale Removers
  11. NACE TM0399 –2005 Determination of Phosphonate Concentration in Water
  12. NACE TR21413 –2016 Prediction of Internal Corrosion in Oilfield Systems from System Conditions
  13. NACE TR31215– 2014 Laboratory Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors Used in the Oil and Gas Industry
  14. NACE TR46107 –2007 Control of Corrosion, Deposition, and Microbiological Growth in Recirculating Water Systems in Buildings


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