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PCC-3 : Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods

فهرست مهمترین سرفصل های استاندارد ASME PCC 3 :

  • Scope, Introduction, and Purpose
  • Basic Concepts
  • Introduction to Risk-Based Inspection
  • Planning the Risk Analysis
  • Data and Information Collection
  • Damage Mechanisms and Failure Modes
  • Determining Probability of Failure
  • Determining Consequence of Failure
  • Risk Determination, Analysis, and Management
  • Risk Management With Inspection Activities
  • Other Risk Mitigation Activities
  • Reanalysis
  • Roles, Responsibilities, Training, and Qualifications
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Definitions and Acronyms
  • References

Nonmandatory Appendices

A Damage Mechanism Definitions
B Damage Mechanism and Defects Screening Table
C Table of Examination/Monitoring Methods


Quantitative Methods Including Expert Opinion Elicitation
Examples of Risk-Based Inspection Program Audit Questions
Suggested Practice for Evaluation of Pressure Vessels for Continued Cyclic Service
Risk Plot
Management of Risk Using RBI
Continuum of RBI Approaches
Risk-Based Inspection Planning Process
Relationship Among Component, Equipment, System, Process Unit, and Facility
Determination of Consequence of Failure
Example of Calculating the Probability of a Specific Consequence
Example Risk Matrix Using Probability and Consequence Categories

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