API EXP-008 , استانداردهای ولو و تجهیزات سرچاهی نفت و گاز

Valves and Wellhead Equipment

دانلود پکیج استانداردهای API برای ولو و شیرآلات و تجهیزات سر چاه در صنایع حفاری و استخراج نفت و گاز
(مجموعه استانداردهای کمیته فنی شماره 6_ CSOEM/SC-06)

API SC6 develops and maintains approximately 25 standards on:

  • Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment, and
  • Pipeline, Valves & Connectors.

لیست استانداردها:

  1. API SPEC 6A — 2018+A3-2022 “Specification for Wellhead and Tree Equipment
  2. API STD 6ACRA — 2015+A3-2019 “Age-Hardened Nickel-Based Alloys for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Equipment
  3. API TR 6AF — 2008+E1-2017 Technical Report on Capabilities of API Flanges Under Combinations of Load
  4. API TR 6AF1 — 1998 scan Technical Report on Temperature Derating of API Flanges Under Combination of Loading
  5. API TR 6AF2 —2013+E1-2018   Technical Report on Capabilities of API Integral Flanges Under Combination of Loading_Phase II
  6. API TR 6AF3 — 2020 High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) Flange Design Methodology
  7. API TR 6AM —1995 Technical Report on Material Toughness
  8. API STD 6AR — 2019 Repair and Remanufacture of Wellhead and Tree Equipment
  9. API SPEC 6AV1 — 2018-scan Validation of Safety and Shutdown Valves for Sandy Service
  10. API STD 6AV2 — 2020 Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Safety Valves (SSV, USV, and BSDV)
  11. API SPEC 6D — 2021 Specification for Valves
  12. API RP 6DR — 2012-R2020 Recommended Practice for the Repair and Remanufacture of Pipeline Valves
  13. API SPEC 6DSS —2017+A2-2022 Specification for Subsea Pipeline Valves
  14. API STD 6DSSX — 2021+E1-2021 Operator and Mounting Kits for Subsea Valves
  15. API STD 6DX — 2020+E1-A1-2023 Standard for Actuators and Mounting Kits for Valves
  16. API TR 6F1 — 1999 “Technical Report on Performance of API and ANSI End Connections in a Fire Test According to API Specification 6FA
  17. API TR 6F2 —1999 “Technical Report on Fire Resistance Improvements for API Flanges
  18. API STD 6FA —2020 -SCAN Standard for Fire Test of Valves
  19. API STD 6FB —1998-R2011 Standard for Fire Test for End Connectors
  20. API RP 6HT —2023 Heat Treatment and Testing of Carbon, Micro-Alloyed, and Low Alloy Steel Wrought and Cast Components
  21. API RP 6J —1999 Testing of Oilfield Elastomers
  22. API TR 6J1 —2000 Elastomer Life Estimation Testing Procedures
  23. API TR 6MET —2022 Metallic Material Limits for API Equipment Used in High Temperature Applications
  24. API TR 6RT —2020 Guidelines for Design and Manufacture of Surface Wellhead Running, Retrieving and Testing Tools, Clean-Out Tools and Wear Bushings
  25. API STD 6X —2019 Design Calculations for Pressure-Containing Equipment
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