ASME B30.17 , استاندارد جرثقیل و مونوریل آویزی

ASME B30.17 : Cranes and Monorails  _ With Underhung Trolley or Bridge

دانلود آخرین ویرایش استاندارد ASME B30.17 ( استاندارد ساخت و نصب برای جرثقیل های مونوریل سقفی آویزی )

فهرست استاندارد ASME B30.17 :2020

Chapter 17-0 Scope, Definitions, References, and Personnel Competence
Section 17-0.1 Scope of B30.17
Section 17-0.2 Definitions
Section 17-0.3 References
Section 17-0.4 Personnel Competence
Chapter 17-1 General Construction and Installation
Section 17-1.1 Markings
Section 17-1.2 Clearances
Section 17-1.3 General Construction
Section 17-1.4 Track Switches, Track Openers, and Interlocks
Section 17-1.5 Vertical Drop or Lift Sections
Section 17-1.6 Cabs — Normal or Skeleton (If Provided) .
Section 17-1.7 Lubrication
Section 17-1.8 Service Platforms (Footwalks)
Section 17-1.9 Stops and Bumpers
Section 17-1.10 Rail Sweeps
Section 17-1.11 Guards
Section 17-1.12 Drop Protection
Section 17-1.13 Brakes
Section 17-1.14 Electrical Equipment
Section 17-1.15 Hoisting Equipment
Section 17-1.16 Warning Devices
Section 17-1.17 Installation
Section 17-1.18 Trolleys (Carriers)
Section 17-1.19 Technical and Safety-Related Instructions and Manuals
Chapter 17-2 Inspection and Testing
Section 17-2.1 Inspection
Section 17-2.2 Testing
Chapter 17-3 Operator Training and Operation
Section 17-3.1 Operator Training
Section 17-3.2 Training for Persons Other Than Crane and Monorail System Operators
Section 17-3.3 Operation
Section 17-3.4 Planned Engineered Lifts
Section 17-3.5 Signals
Section 17-3.6 Miscellaneous
Section 17-3.7 Equipment Lockout/Tagout .
Chapter 17-4 Maintenance Training and Maintenance
Section 17-4.1 Maintenance Training
Section 17-4.2 Equipment Maintenance

17-0.2-1 Examples of Styles of Electrification
17-0.2-2 Cab-Operated Crane
17-0.2-3 Cantilever Gantry Crane
17-0.2-4 Floor-Operated Cranes
17-0.2-5 Gantry Crane
17-0.2-6 Wall-Supported Jib Crane
17-0.2-7 Portable Gantry Crane (A-Frame)
17-0.2-8 Semigantry Crane
17-0.2-9 Underhung Bridge Crane With Top Running Trolley
17-0.2-10 Drop Section (Lift Section)
17-0.2-11 Interlocking System for Underhung Crane
17-0.2-12 Example of One Type of Enclosed Track and Support Bracket
17-0.2-13 Cab-Operated Trolley
17-1.14.3-1 Recommended Arrangement of Controllers or Master Switches (Three-Motion Crane)
17-1.14.3-2 Recommended Arrangement of Controllers or Master Switches (Four-Motion Crane)
17-1.14.3-3 Recommended Arrangement of Controllers (Pendant Push-Button Station Arrangements)
17-1.14.3-4 Recommended Arrangement of Controllers (Radio Crane Control Transmitter Lever Arrangements)
17-1.18-1 Trolley Wheel Configurations
17-1.18-2 Recommended Trolley Fit
17-3.5.3-1 Standard Hand Signals for Cranes and Monorails

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