API RP 552 , سیستمهای ترانسمیژن الکترونیک

دانلود استاندارد API RP 552
(سیستم های انتقال و مخابره)

API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 552 : Transmission Systems

فهرست استاندارد:

1 Scope
2 References
3 General
4 General Information on Electronic Systems
5 Reducing Electrical Interference in Electronic Systems
6 Engineering Factors in Selection of Wire Types for Electronic Systems
7 Specifications for Wires and Cables in Electronic Systems
8 Typical Applications of Wire Types Used in Electronic Systems
9 Guidelines for Separation of Wires in Electronic Systems
10 Effect of Transmission Distance on Electronic Signal Installations
11 High Temperature Areas
12 General Information on Installation Methods for Electronic Systems
13 Installation of Trays for Electronic Systems
14 Installation of Raceways in Electronic Systems
15 Messenger Cable
16 Surge Protection for Cables in Electronic Systems
17 Wiring for Field Mounted Process Instruments
18 Junction Boxes
19 Control Room Wiring
20 Installation of Grounding for Electronic Systems
21 General Information on Pneumatic Systems
22 Installation of Pneumatic Systems
23 Cleaning And Pressure Testing of Pneumatic Tubing

1 Vertical Tray
2 Vertically Mounted Long Span Tray
3 Typical Application and Location of Lightning Protective Devices
4 Typical Installation Of Lightning Protective Device for Personnel Safety at One End of a Signal Pair
5 Typical Three-Terminal Gas-Filled Gap Arrester and Diode
Shunt Lightning Protector
6 Typical Carbon Air Gap and Diode Shunt On A-C Signal Transmission
7 Typical Junction Box
8 Panelboard Wiring Terminating Field Wiring at Instruments
9 Panelboard Wiring Terminating Field Wiring at Panel-Mounted
Junction Box
10 Panelboard Wiring Terminating Field Wiring at Separate Junction Box
11 Computer Floors
12 Single-Point Ground Scheme
13 Total Single-Point Ground
14 Ground Electrode for One Low-Conductivity Soil Condition
15 Panelboard Grounding
16 Air Supply Piping for Field Instrument
17 Instrument Air Supply System with Standby Compressor and
Optional Plant Air Backup
18 Instrument Air Supply System from Plant Air with Instrument Air
Standby as Air Backup
19 Instrument Air Supply System Using a Centrifugal Compressor
20 Typical Instrument Air Supply and Subheader Piping
21 Methods Of Supporting Single Tubes and Tubing Bundles at the
Processing Unit
22 Enclosed Jucntion Box Configurations

1 Specific Applications With Wiring Requirements, Wire Type, and
2 Power Level Classification
3 Wire Separation
4 Types of Wire or Cable for Signal Transmission
5 Guidelines for Grouping Wires Bearing Signals of the Same Magnitude
6 Resistance Of Copper Wire – Per Conductor
7 Line Sizing Guide for Pipe Headers

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